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Your Experience

Nature's Recipe Dog Food


  1. Only vote on foods you have personally used for your dog.
  2. Read all the choices carefully and choose the answer that is the best fit.
  3. You are allowed up to two votes per food per month.
Your Experience with Nature's Recipe
DID WELL for 1-6 months - no problems.
DID WELL for 6 months or more - no problems.
DID GREAT - Exceptional skin/coat, energy, or previous problems resolved such as allergy symptoms.
DID NOT TOLERATE FOOD - MILD TO MODERATE adverse effects such as loose stools, gas, allergy-type symptoms.
DID WELL INITIALLY but later developed MILD TO MODERATE problems, such as dry skin, loose stools, constipation, gas.
DID WELL INITIALLY but later developed SEVERE problems, believed related to the food, such as vomiting/sickness, diarrhea, cancer at an early age, death.
DID WELL INITIALLY but later developed SEVERE problems, unknown if related to the food.
IMMEDIATE SICKNESS - SEVERE negative reaction such as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, foaming at the mouth, seizures, death.
NOT APPLICABLE - Would not eat the food.

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